From kings to slaves to confused souls.

To standing at a junction of many different roads.

And from the past that I’ve been told of me being a slave,

has always made my mind turn crazy and more time to, spike my judgements.

And now my judgement is more narrow than ever before.

Because of this now, I stand out look at roads.

Looking at the bumpy roads and the smooth roads and right now,

From the past I been looking at we were once told.

I been looking at the small road like that’s must be the path.

But now I been tricked cos it’s just like an illusion.

Now my mind is really dealing with a different level of confusion

Cos I thought I took a smooth road.

So now every time a bump hits,

it’s like it hit me by surprise

and there ain’t nothing worser than something hitting you by surprise

Cos now I didn’t expect it,

it’s hit me way off track more than I even thought.

And even deeper when I go down this road and I see more junctions and different ways to go.

It’s just making my mind crazy cos right now I’m seeing more things are that are even more crazy;

Like screens with my sisters on them looking like hoes with big bootys all slapping around the place

And different type of things like guns slapped in other peoples face

And black on black crime

And these times I’m thinking my ancestors must be losing their minds and flipping in their graves.

Cos more times I’m looking right now and seeing the most black people fighting next black people,

This one shooting one over that

Money’s got all the things going all mad

Now I’m seeing money is the root of all evil.

And most things that I learned is real crazy

And now the distraction is not we’re supposed to be doing

Most people are going through maximum confusion

Trying to get TVs, money and flashy cars and different things that are just materialistic

And forgetting that we are all human beings.

And these times i’m thinking to myself have we forgot what we’re supposed to be doing?

Right now a lot a people don’t know where they’re going

And don’t know what they’re supposed to be doing.

And the biggest thing we all forgot.

Is now we are still standing.