Myths, Facts, Feelings – Bristol and Transatlantic Slavery


A colourful and conversational booklet about Bristol and transatlantic slavery. With academic and community input, ‘Myths, Facts, Feelings – Bristol and transatlantic slavery’ is an accessible and informative contribution to learning and discussion about its subject. With design by Derek Edwards of Patwa, it’s also a creative piece of work from the people and city of Bristol.

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A booklet published by Bristol Race Forum 2010:


The Bristol Race Forum welcomes this booklet as an opportunity to share lessons from Bristol’s past; lessons which contribute to the Race Forum’s aims, including challenging and addressing prejudice, discrimination and disadvantage.

The many stories, voices, feeling and opinions recorded here capture a cross-section of views serving as a microscope on how we view this history. We trust this booklet will be a motivator that mobilises all of us to take a stand in preventing all forms of slavery and its devastating impact on individuals, families and communities.We are pleased to be able to offer this booklet to schools and all communities across the city as a learning resource and a driver for further debate, discussion and activism.


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